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By on September 14, 2016







Growing up in Rome, Italy taught me a lot about life. It taught me about the importance of experiencing other cultures, the wonders of traveling, how to be more open minded, and even the correct way to pronounce “bruschetta” (a hard “c” sound instead of the “sh” sound). When I moved back to America, I never stopped wanting to travel and explore things. That’s why living near DC has been so convenient.

One of my favorite places to go to is the Mom & Pop coffee shop right outside of my apartment. The word “coffee” hangs in there window in massive lights, inviting us to come inside. The interior is so modern and welcoming. I ordered a chai latte, which is spiced to perfection and absolutely to die for. I get a breakfast croissant to go with it. It has eggs, avocado, lettuce, and Sriracha mayo, just to name a few ingredients. The flavors are so bold and go together perfectly. My mom orders rose water lemonade and some avocado toast which is also to die for. We sit down to eat and the atmosphere mixed with my european inspired outfit reminded me so much of Rome.

After walking around for a while we come across a blue piano that people will often sit down and play at just for fun. We even came across a graffiti wall that was beautiful and inspirational. I always love our adventures.

I was wearing this insanely adorable top from Madewell that had “ciao!” written in red letters and I paired that with one of their red printed bandanas. I paired those pieces with some Lucky Brand flare jeans and bold red lips to top off the look.

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Ashton Karline Gardner
Arlington, VA

Hello everyone, my name is Ashton Karline Gardner. I am a sustainable fashion influencer. My goal is to use this platform to educate my fellow fashion enthusiasts on the dangers of fast fashion and help inspire ethical consumer decisions. Come along now.