Thrift Tip: Shop Old but Gold

By on April 8, 2019

Recently I have been thrifting like crazy because I am on a new era kick. I normally look for 50’s and 60’s vintage clothes but recently I’ve hopped back to the 90’s. One of my favorite parts of second hand shopping is finding authetic oldies from decades past. We pull inspiration from past era’s all the time but we can never quite replicate them perfectly. Why is that?

The main reason is change in fabric and silhouett. We don’t have high demand for that old school silk and cotton. We also are not going around wearing pedicoats and boned corsets anymore. So finding items that accurently portray the incredible style from decades past is difficult to do. Unless you find them thrifting.

I will pick through Goodwills and thrift stores to find the missing old school silhoettes I’ve been day dreaming about. Sometimes I strike gold, some times I strike out. Here’s where I go and what I do to get that classic look.

First stop if not the local shop…. Etsy. Oh yes. I do still shop online and Etsy is one of my favorite places to go for those carefully handpicked pieces I desire. A few of my favorite Etsy shops are American Archive, 1919 Vintage, and Lucky Dry Goods. Finding those classic 40’s 50’s 70’s styles is their job. I have gotten incredible old school brands like Gunne Sax and Betsy Johnson for great prices and in mint condition.

If that doesn’t help you find what you’re looking for… call up Grandma and Grandpa. Chances are there is a box in the attic of stuff they don’t wear anymore but couldn’t let go. I am sure they would love nothing more but to pass it down. And come on can we talk about how truly authentic that is. That is priceless, literally and metaphorically.

Finally… break out the sewing machine. There is no stopping you once you learn how to thread the needle. You can fix up a pair of real dad levi’s, you can add a corset back to that sweet little cotton dress, you can add some fluff to that gingam circle skirt for the perfect 50’s picnic outfit. This is not only incredibly fun and rewarding, it is also dirt cheap and best of all environmentally friendly.

Hopefully that gives you all a few ideas how to make the most of your ethical fashion sprees and helps inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone… and your decade.

Featured is my most recent thrift find. A 1990’s Betsey Johnson Silk Cowl Neck Dress from ALOVBotik. Old but gold.

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