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Not to long ago I took a trip to New Orleans with my best friend Molly, my mother, and my sister. We where down there for my sister’s best friend, Erin, who was a Queen at a debutante ball. This was a party that was thrown for her and a few other girls.

It was incredible. The gardens where so stunning and on top of that the fashion there was so southern chic. The men wore SEERSUCKER SUITS! It was honestly adorable. I have never been one to lean towards preppy, style wise, but for this scene it was imperative to pull out those pearls.

The outfit I chose had to do with the theme of the party which was a garden theme. How could I not go with a bold floral. I always look for any excuse to wear floral and this was the perfect one. This bright and bold midi skirt was a match made in heaven for this scene. Not only did the floral fit so perfectly but even the length of the skirt just added for a sweet and sophisticated flare. When it comes to being sophisticated, length is a really important thing to pay attention to. The midi skirt is timeless and a perfect choice for an event like this. To add a little spunk to this classic skirt, I paired it with a white crop top that I actually took off of my prom dress. The high neck made it classy, while the subtle showing of the mid drift made for a cute twist. To top everything off I added a pair of Ariana Grande white pumps. These shoes where fairly cheap and pulled the entire outfit together. The white pumps made the look feel even more summery and they really stood out at the party.

The actual party was incredible. Between the heavily gardens, the gourmet food, the endless drinks, and the twinkly lights that just added to the ambiance, the night was just incredible. We started off the night by exploring the gardens, it was filled with gorgeous flowers and fountains. The gardens where endless and every inch was an adventures to walk through. When we rejoined the party, the food was being served. It was all incredible along with the drinks. Finally we ended the night dancing our hearts out to classic songs.

Thank you to Erin and her family, another night with them that will never be forgotten.

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